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Project Description
ROOT Surface. An attempt to make the final step in a histogram based analysis visual and easy. This has been attempted in the field before but has always failed - scripts and text seem to be a more natural way to do this. This project is an experiment to see if it is possible to do it another way with some basic visual programming.

Based on the ROOT tool ( This is aimed squarly at people who use ROOT as a final analysis tool.

Project Status

Prototype. I have never attempted to run it from anything other than Visaul Studio 2008. It has made plots, but none of them have been used in a real physics note yet.

Development Story

Is rather tortured right now, I'm afraid. I hope to improve this as it moves beyond prototype status. The first actual msi that is built will likely help greatly. In the meantime the following (untested) steps should work:
  1. Download the ROOT .NET wrappers and WinForm controls project from the ROOT.NET project:
  2. Download the matching version of ROOT for the VS2005 build from
  3. Test the ROOT install: from an arbitrary "cmd" you should be able to type "root" and have it start up without errors.
  4. Build the WinForms control projects (follow the README in the install directory). You are likely to have a real fight with this: the links to the refrenced projects are bound to be all broken.
  5. Download the Rootfus project.
  6. Build! Whew! I've never built anything but the debug version of this project! So if you try to build release, I'm sure there are some settings that have escaped me.

What is in a name?
The name comes from "ROOT Surface." The idea for something like this came to me after fighting with about the 7th version of a script file to make plots of divided histograms, turn on curves, etc. -- all done after all my batch jobs to generate the histograms were finished running. Each time I wrote this file I had to include an inordinate # of options to manipulate my histograms. I couldn't remember them. And if I tried to make a plot off-the-cuff, found a problem, re-ran my ntuple makers, I couldn't remember how to re-make the off-the-cuff plot. This is an attempt to answer that problem.

Of course, it should be noted that this sort of thing has been tried before. I don't know of anything in the field that has gained wide adoption - Java Analysis Studio is the most popular one I can think of, and it is much more heavy weight. This one is unlikely to gain wide adoption too - it is on Windows and the whole field exists on Linux.

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